1st grade must read book suggestions
great book list Finding a great book is like finding a treasure. I've been through hundreds of books searching for the great books that will light up young readers. The "Must Read List" was created by a mom and educator to help parents & teachers select books that will grab young readers into loving books."
Enjoy. Nicky.
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first grade reading tipsTips to get 1st graders reading:

  • Never Leave Home Without One.

    Children are being going to and from a bunch of activites be sure to carry a book with you to make this down time a a great to to fit in reading!

  • Set reading times.

    We set time for dinner, TV and brushing our teeth, make a set time for reading too. Kids work best with a schedule, make reading a daily priority.

  • Take control of the television and computer.

    It's difficult for reading to compete with TV and video games. Enforce reading inlieu of electronic activites and take away the remotes during the week.

  • Be patient.

    Helping a beginner reader takes lots fo patience so be easy on your child when their struggling through words.

  • Start young.

    Like anything, it's easiest to start good habits as young as possible. If your chld has always had reading time then reading will not be a battle for him/her as he gets older. Spending time and focus on reading for young children does take time but the payoff as they get older and develop of love for reading is priceless.

  • Stick with what works.

    When you find a good series that your child likes, start at the beginning and complete the series. It can be sometimes challenging finding what books works for your little one. So, when you find something your child enjoys it's like hitting the jackpot. Our Must Read Book List can help give you some ideas for books that are a big hit with parents, teachers and most importantly, kids!

  • Pick books that are at the right level.

    Help your child pick books that are not too difficult. The aim is to give your child lots of successful and gain confidence around reading.

  • Share the reading time.

    Take turns reading aloud at bedtime. Kids enjoy this special time with their parents. Make story time before bed a regular thing.

  • Make it fun.

    Don't worry about reading levels; get books that your child enjoys. If your child enjoys reading he/she will read without you asking.

  • Be a good example and develop a good foundation.

    Be a positive role model for your child. If your child never sees you read then they will not see the value in reading. Make sure you pick up a book for yourself and spend time ejoying a good book with your child.

  • Make bookstores and/or libraries a regular thing.

    Let your child enjoy the wonders of being in a bookstore and library once a week. Alow you child to select thier own books and make the experience one that you both enjoy.

  • If it's not fun then change the routine.

    If reading time turns into yelling and tantrums then try a new approach. The reading experience should be a positive one so children develop a joy for reading that will last a life time. Allow your child to sit in their favorite spot with their favorite drink during reading time.. Make sure you have a book that they want to read, even comic books counts! Don't worry about what they read as much as finding books that they love to read.

  • Incentivize good reading behavior.

    Especially if your child is a reluctant reader, try giving a reward for completed books. There's nothing wrong with nudging your child to spend more time reading and putting a positive spin around good behavior.